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Starkey Livio 2400 AI

Starkey’s best sounding and best performing hearing aid ever

Livio AI is a revolutionary, multi-purpose hearing aid that provides superior sound quality, and the ability for users to accurately track physical and cognitive activities. We call it a Healthable, and for the first time ever, users can take a proactive approach to their hearing and overall wellness.
What makes Livio™ AI hearing aids so revolutionary?  The answer is embedded sensors and artificial intelligence. Using artificial intelligence enables hearing aids to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. It helps us optimise the patient experience with:
  • Body and brain tracking
  • Fall detection and alerts
  • Thrive™ Virtual Assistant
  • Rechargeable option
  • Language translation
  • Voice-to-text transcription
  • Self check for hearing aid performance
  • Natural user interface  with tap control 
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