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What happens in a hearing test?
Understand what happens at your free hearing test with Boots Hearingcare
At Boots Hearingcare our customers are at the heart of our business, and there is no greater reward than seeing a customer hear and feel better. Over the last ten years we're proud to have helped thousands of customers in this way, but you needn't take our word for it; we've asked just a small sample of our customers to tell you in their own words what their hearing aids mean to them:
"They are so small and delicate and light. After you’ve put them in your ear, you want to feel behind your ear just to check if they are still there!"
Marvel Hearing Aids

Keith is a retired engineer whose hearing deteriorated after years of working in a noisy environment. Here’s his experience of Marvel.

"Once I’d had the test, it became evident that I did require some hearing aids. So then the question was choice. I mean, I don’t know one hearing aid from another! But I do like technology – I love my Smartphone and I’m quite good on the computer.”

“So when the Audiologist explained these new Marvel hearing aids, and how they could connect with Bluetooth to my phone, I thought I’m so up for that! It was quite amazing when I first used them! They are so small and delicate and light. After you’ve put them in your ear, you want to feel behind your ear just to check if they are still there! Unlike my old ones, they don’t irritate me at all.”

"Because they use Bluetooth to connect to my phone, I can be streaming music, sitting in the same room as my wife, and she has 
no idea that I’m listening to music because it’s coming through my hearing aids!”

"With my older hearing aids, I never felt the sound was really natural. It just wasn’t comfortable. Certain noises were too loud, and some I felt like I still couldn’t hear. But with these new Marvel hearing aids, the sound is just so normal. Even my own voice  sounds normal, as well as other people’s. I’m quite confident to talk to people because not only can I hear them, I can probably hear better than they can! ”

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Read Jeff's full story
Jeff Rich, 59, played drums with Status Quo for 16 years with their unique sound blasting out from huge banks of speakers.

But after over 3,000 live performances Jeff was left partially deaf. "I had 4,500 watts of amplification behind me, just so I could hear my drums! It never occurred to me to wear ear defenders and my ears would ring for days after a concert" says Jeff.

Jeff finally left Status Quo in 2000 to set up drumming workshops for children, visiting schools across the UK. Jeff says "I found it difficult to hear the children's voices and had to ask them to repeat their questions. It was at this stage I realised I couldn't struggle with deteriorating hearing any longer and needed to get some help."

In 2007, prompted by his wife, Jeff visited his local Boots hearingcare centre and, following a hearing test, was advised he would need hearing aids in both ears. Jeff's hearing aids are worn inside the ear, are barely visible and have made a huge improvement to his quality of life. Jeff wears his hearing aids all day, every day. "I have two children still at home, my daughter who's 2 years old and my son, who is just 20 weeks old. Being able to hear my daughter chattering away is a huge bonus" says Jeff.

In fact, Jeff has been so pleased with his hearing aids that he's recently upgraded to Phonak Exelia Art - the very latest in digital hearing aid technology. Jeff says "The sound is so much clearer and the icom system is brilliant - my aids work with my landline and mobile phone without any whistling or feedback. And I can also link my aids directly to my iplayer so that I can listen to music without having to wear headphones - the music plays directly to my hearing aids. My aids are also really easy to operate - when playing my drums I can flick the mute on at the touch of a switch."

"And there's no need to feel embarrassed about wearing hearing aids. I did at first; I worried about what the children would think at my school workshops. But they usually think I'm wearing ear defenders so I take the opportunity to explain they're hearing aids and, unless they protect their hearing, they could end up with poor hearing just like me" says Jeff.

„My aids are also really easy to operate - when playing my drums I can flick the mute on at the touch of a switch.”
Read Colin's full story
Colin Tarling first became suspicious of his hearing loss over 20 years ago when he began struggling in crowded environments at his work place.

Colin explains "I couldn't join in with group conversation. I was also missing out on a lot of family conversation and started to shut myself off and read books instead".

Colin was initially tested at the hospital 4 years ago but struggled on until he heard about the extensive range of discreet and modern hearing instruments at Boots hearingcare.

Colin had a free hearing assessment at his local Boots hearingcare.

Colin says "I'm overjoyed with my hearing aids; they're really discreet and easy to use. In fact they're so discreet I have to remind family members I'm wearing them and I now notice sounds I haven't heard for 20 years - such as the birds singing."

Colin adds "I felt very comfortable as the Boots hearing check was free with no obligation, and I have been particularly impressed with the high level of service and ongoing support received from my local Boots store".

„I Can Hear Sounds I Haven’t Heard For 20 years!”
Read Barry's full story
Barry, has been wearing hearing aids for almost 10 years now, but when he first experienced hearing loss it was those close to him that noticed first.

''Barry wouldn't answer me if I was in a different room, or if he was watching the television" says his wife Barbara. "We used to visit the club every week and he would find it difficult - sitting back because he couldn't keep track of the conversation or join in."

Barry's first step was a set of hearing aids provided by his local hospital. Whilst happy that they improved his hearing there were still some challenges. Have his new Nano's helped combat these?

"At the club I can now hear everyone at the table; even when several conversations are going on at once - it's provided a massive confidence boost."

We claim the Nano is virtually invisible when in the ear. Would Barry agree?

"Unlike my others, no one can see these - in fact I had to take them out to show people - they were all very impressed at how small they were! Even I forget they're there; I put them in first thing in the morning and wear them all day. Just like my glasses, they're a part of me."

And it isn't just Barry who is enjoying the benefits of the Nano: "They've also made a difference to our relationship" says wife Barbara. "It's nice to have him back to his confident self."

So how would Barry describe his new Nano's? Simple: "They're the best thing since sliced bread." 

„They’re The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”
Read Phillipa's full story
Author Phillipa Faulks, who was fitted with a hearing aid at one of our centres, talks about her hearing loss.
I was lying in bed when my husband Martin climbed in beside me and said, 'I got the distinct impression that you didn't hear much of what was said this evening.' His comment struck a chord with me, but I just laughed off his concern. I agreed that the restaurant in which we'd spent the evening with friends had been rather noisy - but wasn't the food really delicious?

As a diversion tactic it was brilliant, but I couldn't sleep because what he'd said was true - the evening had indeed been one long battle for me, trying to follow the conversation and straining to catch what my friends were saying.

The next morning I went to the post office and was mortified when I had to ask the cashier to repeat herself no fewer than four times. And so I decided to have my hearing checked and made an appointment at my local Boots Hearingcare centre. Following a hearing test I was fitted with hearing aids.

The positive impact on my life is fantastic - things are so much simpler, easier and clearer, from listening to music to watching the soaps on television. I've even learnt that checkouts beep as they scan your shopping. I've regained my confidence, socialise more and no longer feel left out of people's conversations. It's wonderful to be part of the world again.

„It’s Wonderful To Be Part Of The World Again”