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Hearing Protection

In the midst of our daily lives, our ears play a vital role. However, with the noise, comes a potential threat — noise-induced hearing loss. From concerts to machinery, excessive noise can harm our hearing. Understanding the importance of wearing hearing protection, having regular hearing tests and choosing the right earplugs can help protect your hearing and reduce the risk of hearing loss.

Hearing protection at Boots Hearingcare

Enjoy the sounds of life without the damaging noise with AudioNova™

Don’t mute the world simply filter the sound

Unlike your eye, your ear cannot shut itself to protect against damaging stimuli. That is why it is important to understand what can damage your hearing and how you can protect it.

AudioNova™ is designed around advanced filter technology. These filters let you limit and even remove sound which may be damaging to your ears – without sacrificing things like conversation and situational awareness.
Hearing protection product

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AudioNova™ SleepTight Pro

AudiopNova Sleep Tight pro

Enjoy more quiet and rest. AudioNova™ SleepTight Pro can help you sleep like a dream.

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AudioNova™ Music Pro    

AudioNova Custom Hearing Protection Music Pro

AudioNova™ Music Pro hearing protection is designed for concert goers and music enthusiasts.

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AudioNova™ InFlight Pro 

AudioNova Custom Hearing Protection Flying Pro

AudioNova™ InFlight Pro earplugs filter background noise, both at the airport and while in-flight.

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AudioNova™ Active Pro    

AudioNova Custom Hearing Protection Active Pro

AudioNova™ Active Pro earplugs are the perfect personal protection equipment for noisy work

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AudioNova™ Drive Pro     

AudioNova Custom Hearing Protection Drive Pro

Motorsport events can be notoriously loud. Outdoor events featuring air shows can reach critical levels.

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AudioNova™ Shoot Pro    

AudioNova Custom Hearing Protection Shooting Pro

AudioNova™ Shoot Pro  earplugs protect your ear from peak sound pressure when firing.​

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