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The Phonak Audéo™ Marvel hearing aid makes hearing in any surroundings crisp and clear. It pushes the boundaries of hearing technology for clear sound quality, linking up to everyday devices to give you a better hearing experience whatever you’re doing.

Discover the world first with revolutionary technology!

Connect the Phonak Audéo ™ Marvel directly to your smartphone. Experience the sound of TV and music in high quality directly from your hearing aid and with hands-free calling. The eco-friendly battery provides a whole day listening pleasure.

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„They are so small and delicate and light. After you’ve put them in your ear, you want to feel behind your ear just to check if they are still there!”
Keith's story

Revolutionary technology and unique sound quality

The Phonak Audéo ™ Marvel automatically adjusts to your surroundings and delivers clear and rich sounds sounds.
  • Detects more listening situations than ever before 1 and adapts automatically
  • Better speech intelligibility - even in background noise or noisy environments
  • Clear sound quality
marvel hearing

Wireless connections - for your relaxed everyday life

Marvel wireless
  • Connect the Phonak Audéo ™ Marvel wirelessly to many popular electronic devices such as smartphones or TVs
  • The hearing aid is compatible with most smartphones - whether Android or iPhone (iOS)
  • Direct audio streaming to both ears - hearing aids can be used like wireless headphones

Rechargeable Battery Technology - Powerful & Durable

  • Fast charging
  • LED battery power status display on the hearing aid
  • Listening for a whole day including wireless features like phone calls or TV / music
  • Automatic switch-off when placed in the charger and automatic restart after charging
  • Durable battery - up to 6 years

Phonak remote app

Practical remote control for your hearing aid:
  • Display of the wearing time
  • Volume adjustment
  • Program control
  • Indication of battery charge level
marvel phone app

1 Source: Rodrigues, T., & Liebe, S. (2018). AutoSense OS ™ 3.0. The new & enhanced automatic operating system. Phonak Insight, Source: www.phonakpro.com/evidence