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If you are simply curious about your ear health or hearing ability our audiologists would be pleased to see you. They can examine your ears and assess your hearing ability in terms of volume, pitch and hearing speech in noise. It is important to see a specialists, following an assessment our audiologists will be able to advise and recommend next steps as appropriate.

What is an audiologist?

A Boots audiologist is someone who is qualified & regulated to assess and advise on all things ears & hearing. We have several audiologists across Ireland.

What should I expect when I visit an audiologist?

Your visit to the audiologist will start with an individual consultation, including a hearing test. The aim of this discussion is to gain an understanding of your personal hearing situation and your requirements. This includes both daily needs and leisure activities (e.g. meeting friends, watching television, theatre, sport, etc.). If appropriate you will be given comprehensive information and individual hearing solutions chosen for you that best suit your type of hearing loss.

The hearing test does not take long and provides you with information on your hearing performance. You will be asked to sit in a specially equipped room, and sounds will be played to you through headphones.
The audiologist will create a hearing curve based on your responses. This visual representation of your hearing ability is known as an audiogram and the audiologist will then explain your results and if appropriate demonstrate, recommend and present choices for you to decide on the technology that could help improve your hearing.

If you choose a hearing solution and want it custom made to fit within your ear then an impression will be taken to ensure optimum position and comfort.

Free aftercare for life
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Your hearing aid may take up to 2 weeks to be made and then your audiologist will invite you back to fit the aid for you
You have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee to try out the hearing aids in everyday life, during which we will work with you to optimise your results
You'll be invited back every 12 months for a check up
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