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What happens in a hearing test?
Understand what happens at your free hearing test with Boots Hearingcare
Whether you work for the NHS or a private hearingcare provider, you know how important your role is – and we do too. Our business helps you be the very best you can be, no matter where you are in your career.

We do things a little differently…

We’re not just another private hearingcare provider. We are committed to delivering personalised, professional care to all our customers. 
  • We offer free, professional information, advice and appointments to make hearing care feel normal 
  • To make it easy for customers to come and see us we have over 500 clinic rooms across the UK and offer a 15-minute initial hearing health check before a full test
  • We have a wide range of products, a competitive price list, and the option to spread the cost over 12, 18 or 24 months to offer affordable solutions for everyone
  • To support your contact with the same customers throughout their journey we have a robust recall and reminder programme and a UK customer care line.
  • We give our Hearing Aid Audiologists the time and autonomy to make a real difference to the lives of their customers.

…And so do our people

At Boots Hearingcare, we carry the Boots brand with pride. Its reputation as a trusted, longstanding healthcare provider means our customers know they’re getting the very best service. That’s why we let our Hearing Aid Audiologists do what they do best: deliver great customer care and clinical expertise in our stores alongside Boots Pharmacists and Optometrists. And we pride ourselves in providing amazing support, training, and systems to help them do that.

Pay structure for Hearing Aid Audiologists

We expect our people to go the extra mile, but we reward them for it – not only with the benefits outlined above, but with a competitive salary commensurate for a healthcare professional, along with the opportunity for you to share in our success with a quarterly bonus based on your store’s Hearingcare performance. Below are three examples of what colleagues can earn at our Established Level 1,2 and 3 grades but this is by no means the limit of our offering and we provide ample opportunity for high performing audiologists to grow.
  Hearing Aid Audiologist: Level 1 Hearing Aid Audiologist: Level 2 Hearing Aid Audiologist: Level 3
Salary £25,000 £31,000 £37,000
Car allowance £5,064 £5,064 £5,064
Bonus for stores performing to Hearingcare target £10,714 £13,286 £15,857
Total £40,778 £49,350 £57,921