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Hearing is an important sense and, compared to our eyesight, one many of us know little about. In this section of the website we provide information and practical advice to help you learn more about your hearing. In most cases, hearing loss is age-related, triggered by loud noises infections and may be hereditary. Hearing loss may occur very suddenly, although in most cases it is gradual, and so you only become aware of it as it progresses. Fortunately, in most cases impaired hearing can be improved, or even fully corrected, using a hearing aid. Find out how.
Hearing and understanding – From sound to meaning
Everything you need to know about tinnitus
Tips to Safe Ear Cleaning at Home
What is an audiogram?
Online hearing test
The loudest jobs in the world
Using hearing protection
What are ear infections?
What can a hearing aid do for me
Our Boots audiologists
Ear wax removal
Turn up the things you love
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