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Phonak Audeo Life

The world's first waterproof rechrageable hearing aid

From (Inc PSRI):

€2515 or €94.31 per month*

0% APR for 24 months see finance details

Key features:

  • The world’s first waterproof* rechargeable hearing aid * up to 50 cm/1.64 feet
  • Waterproof* Sweatproof* up to 50 cm/1.64 fee
  • Universal connectivity to smartphone
  • Tap Control for effortless access to Bluetooth functionalities
In-store only
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Phonak Paradise Life

Aftercare service

Interest free monthly payment plans

60-day money back guarantee


Part of the Phonak Audéo™ Paradise family, Phonak Audéo Life delivers crisp natural sound1 and is capable of being submerged in up to 50 cm or 1.64 feet of fresh water, salt water or pool water. 

Both sweatproof and waterproof, the Phonak Audéo Life is perfect for those who want to hear clearly while staying active. With groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion rechargeable
technology, it’s a robust hearing aid designed for providing peace of mind if you’ve jumped in the shower or been caught out in the rain.*
Phonak Paradise Life


Enjoy all the proven performance benefits of the Phonak Audéo Paradise, housed in a waterproof shell with silicone sealings at all seams, pinless receiver ports and additional microphone protection. Water-resistant at a depth of 1m for 1 hour. Immersion tested in freshwater, swimming pool water and salt water.


Tap Control

Phonak Paradise is more than just a hearing aid, you can answer phone calls, stream or pause music and activate voice assistants just by tapping your ear. The built-in microphone also allows you a true hands-free call experience and use voice assistants like Siri, without having to reach for your Smartphone or remove your hearing aid.


Phonak Paradise Life

Charging options

Phonak Charger Case

Phonak Accessories


Phonak Remote Control

The TV Connector is an easy-to-setup and easy-to-use device that can be used with Paradise, Marvel and Audéo B-Direct hearing aids for top rated streamed sound quality. 


Phonak Remote Control

An easy-to-use remote control for clients with Phonak Paradise and Marvel hearing aids.

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